PRS Women Make Music 2015

This site documents a new work by Lauren Sarah Hayes, Xenia Pestova and Franziska Schroeder.

fluxtrio gratefully acknowledges financial support from PRS for Music Foundation’s Women Make Music programme

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This female group is called “fluxtrio” and brings together three performer­/composers who are known for their unique approaches to performance and their use of innovative instrumentation, both acoustic and electronic. This collaboration will combine their diverse skills, which include building digital instruments, pioneering novel technologies, improvisation techniques, and live electronic treatment of acoustic sounds. They will develop, perform, and record a new work in order to inspire future musicians and audiences about contemporary music and to motivate other female artists to explore experimental and technology-influenced practices.
The work will be a collective composition based in contemporary musical language of the 21st century, free improvisation techniques and live electronic treatment of acoustic sounds. flux consists of:

Lauren Sarah Hayes – Hybrid Analogue / Digital Electronics / Improvisation / Composition

Xenia Pestova – Piano / Toy Piano / Improvisation / Composition

Franziska Schroeder – Saxophone / Improvisation / Composition


The composition will be developed during a 5 days residency period in June 2015 in order to create a new collaborative musical work. The composition will then be refined and recorded during a further 4 days workshop/recording period in October 2015. The final work will be available for digital download on an interactive website that will also document the processes and techniques used to create the piece.

Hosting Institution will be the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast.

Sound Samples:
SoundCloud 1
SoundCloud 2

Fluxtrio will perform at EAVI XIV: fluxtrio, Yearning Kru, Phantom Chips + more on Thursday 26th November, Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, SE14 6TY London, United Kingdom. After the performance they will travel to Belfast to record their new piece.